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The beloved children's novel JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH is now a wickedly quirky musical with a score by the Tony Award-winning team of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (Dear Evan Hansen, Dogfight, The Greatest Showman). When the orphaned James is ordered by his conniving aunts to chop down their fruit tree, he stumbles upon a magic potion that results in a tremendous peach! Finding himself in the center of the peach amongst enormous insects with equally oversized personalities, the group sets off on an accidental journey across the ocean that requires quick wit, creative thinking, and learning to exist together as a strange but loving family. This delightfully off-beat adaptation bears endless creative possibilities as performers take on a zany ensemble of characters while performing brand-new material from one of Broadway's hottest duos.
This musical is a true masterpeach!

PRODUCTION Fee - $225.00

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AUDITION FEE - $25 (goes towards production fee)

As all performers who audition for the Fall Musical are cast, we will only schedule 50 Junior Cast audition slots and 50 Senior Cast audition slots. Because of this, it is important that those who audition are fully committed to participating in the production; should a performer withdraw, he or she may have taken a slot from someone who truly wished to participate. Therefore, performers are asked to pay a $25 Audition Fee at the time of auditions, which then goes directly towards his or her $225 Production Fee should he or she continue with the show. If he or she chooses to withdraw, the Audition Fee is forfeited. The audition fee is waived for 2018-2019 PSP Members.


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and opens to the public on August 1.

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ACTING - Performers who wish to be considered for a supporting or lead role are asked to prepare the monologue listed by their preferred character under the Character Description (below). Performers solely interested in an ensemble role are welcome to perform the monologue of their choice. It is strongly encouraged that monologues be memorized. If a young performer struggles with reading, please send an email to Theatre@ChristChurchExeter.org so we know to play a quick theatre game in lieu of a monologue. For this production, performers are encouraged but not required to attempt a British dialect.

VOCALS - Performers who wish to be considered for a supporting  or lead role are asked to prepare the cut listed by their preferred character under the Character Description (below); clicking on the title of the song will bring up sheet music that indicates where to start and stop. These performers should memorize their cut and need not bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Please click here to download the cast recordings to assist with learning audition music.Performers solely interested in ensemble roles are welcome to sing a song of their choice, and are invited to either bring sheet music or sing a capella; singing along with vocal or instrumental tracks played on phones, tablets, etc. is not permitted.

DANCE - All performers are required to attend a dance call, during which they will learn a short piece of choreography to be performed and evaluated in small groups. Please wear clothing and shoes suitable for movement; time will be allowed to change into jazz shoes if desired.

HEADSHOT & RESUME - Performers are encouraged but not required to bring a recent headshot and resume.


LADAHLORD is a mysterious character who seems to have a hand in the magical things happening to James. Though he may seem a bit off, he carefully watches over James to make sure he moves towards a better life. He also serves as a guiding narrator throughout the story. (Gender: Male, open to females / Vocal Range: Gb5-G3 / Song: "Shake It Up" / Monologue: Here!)

JAMES is the young hero of our story, on an epic quest to find a family of his own. (Gender: Male, open to females / Vocal Range: E5-G#3 / Song: "On Your Way Home" / Monologue: Here!)

LADYBUG has an ultra-feminine demeanor and immediately takes on a doting, maternal role in James' life. She develops a romance with Grasshopper. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: D5-A3 / Song: "Everywhere That You Are"  / Monologue: Here!)

GRASSHOPPER serves as the leader of the insects, an eternal optimist who assumes a paternal role in James' life. He develops a romance with Ladybug. (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: F#5-A3 / Song: "Floatin' Along" / Monologue: Here!)

SPIDER is a clever creature with a spunky personality who becomes a fun-loving older sister to James. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: C5-B3/ Song: "Everywhere That You Are"  / Monologue: Here!)

EARTHWORM is a gentle spirit, although he can be a bit of a coward. Luckily, he gains enough courage to ultimately save the day. He looks to James as a brother. (Gender: Male, open to femalesVocal Range: A5-B3/ Song: "Plump and Juicy" / Monologue: Here!)

CENTIPEDE may be a grouch, but he is ever-loyal to the pack, and is eventually won over by James, becoming sort of a cranky uncle with a heart of gold.  (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: F#5-G3/ Song: "Have You Even Begun to Wonder?" / Monologue: Here!)

SPIKER & SPONGE are the sort of monsters - uh, aunts that you fear ever being stuck with. They take James into their home purely to act as their personal servant. Spiker is the cruel brains of the operation, while Sponge is mostly concerned with finding her next snack. (Gender: Female, open to males / Vocal Range: E5-F3/ Song: "I Got You" / Monologue: Here!)

ENSEMBLES - Vagrants,  Zoo Crowd, Reporters, Garden Guild, Hollywood Agents, Cruisers, Sharks and Seagulls, New Yorkers (Gender: Male & Female / Song: performer's choice / Monologue: Here!)