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A pop-culture phenomenon that has inspired generations, FAME follows the final class of New York City’s celebrated High School for the Performing Arts from their admission in 1980 to their graduation in 1984. All of their bittersweet struggles, fears, and triumphs are depicted by a diverse group of young artists navigating the worlds of music, acting, and dance - each of which their professors insist is “the hardest profession in the world.” The four years of grueling artistic and academic work give insight to the struggles of performers everywhere, making this musical with an unmistakable title the perfect showcase for aspiring young performance artists.

PRODUCTION Fee - $225.00



senior cast (grades 7-12) is currently full!

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Please note!

The original cast album of FAME contains some mature language and themes that will be omitted from this production via alternate material provided by the licensing company.


ACTING - Performers are asked to prepare the monologue listed by their preferred character on the Character Description list below; those interested in a character not assigned a specific monologue may prepare any other character’s selection. It is strongly encouraged that monologues be memorized. Please click on the Here! link beside your preferred character’s name to pull up his or her monologue.

VOCALS - Performers are asked to prepare the song listed by their preferred character on the Character Description list below; those interested in a character not assigned a specific song may prepare any other character’s selection. It is strongly encouraged that songs be memorized. Please click on the title of the song beside your preferred character’s name to pull up the sheet music, which is marked with “start” and “stop,” indicating the portion of the song you should prepare.

HEADSHOT & RESUME - Performers are asked to bring a recent headshot and resume, if available.


MS. ESTHER SHERMAN is a strict, old-school English teacher who comes down hard on her students because she loves them, and fears for the future of those who will not make it in the arts. (Gender: Female / Range: F3-E5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “The Teacher’s Argument”)

MISS GRETA BELL is a former ballerina with a passion for teaching dance, who advocates for talented students who struggle academically. (Gender: Female / Range: A3-E5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “The Teacher’s Argument”)

MR(S). SHEINKOPF is a European music teacher with a love for classical music and a disdain for all things rock-and-roll. (Gender: Male or Female / Range: Non-Singing / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

MR(S). MYERS is a laidback drama teacher who insists that the key to being a true actor is to understand one’s true self, a lot to ask of high schoolers. (Gender: Male or Female / Range: Non-Singing/ Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

NICK PIAZZA is a former child star who yearns to be taken seriously as an actor, and is therefore very serious about his craft, almost to a fault. (Gender: Male / Range: A2-G4 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “I Want to Make Magic”)

SERENA KATZ is a budding ingenue who must battle her shyness in order to become an actress; she quickly develops an unrequited crush on Nick. (Gender: Female / Range: G#3-Eb5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Let’s Play a Love Scene”)

JACK ZAKOWSKI is a Russian immigrant to Brighton Beach, a gifted, headstrong dancer whose illiteracy threatens his place at school until he befriends Iris. (Gender: Male / Range: D3-Bb4 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

IRIS KELLY is a ballet dancer who feigns a snobbish personality to hide her poor background, who initially clashes with Jack. (Gender: Female / Range: D4-F5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

CARMEN DIAZ is a confident if not cocky dancer with a big ego, obsessed with the idea of fame and determined to make it big, but not necessarily willing to put in the work required. (Gender: Female / Range: A3-F5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “There She Goes”)

JOE VEGAS is a funny yet borderline-obnoxious comedic actor who repeatedly has his heart trampled by Carmen. (Gender: Male / Range: C3-C5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

MABEL WASHINGTON is an opinionated and likable dance student who struggles with body image in the face of the physical standards of traditional dancers. (Gender: Female / Range: D4-E5 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Mabel’s Prayer”)

SCHLOMO METZENBAUM is a classical violinist fed up from the strain of expectations, who rejects his father’s pedigree in favor of starting a rock band. (Gender: Male / Range: C3-G4 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Bring On Tomorrow”)

GRACE “LAMBCHOPS” LAMB is a loud, confrontational rocker chick who plays drums in Schlomo’s band, who often loses her temper. (Gender: Female / Range: A3-B4 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

GOODMAN “GOODY” KING is Schlomo’s best friend and a member of his band, who is hesitant to let a girl join their group. (Gender: Male / Range: F3-G#4 / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)

ENSEMBLE: Acting, Dance, and Music students who attend the High School of the Performing Arts. (Gender: Male and Female / Range: varied / Monologue: Here! / Song: “Fame”)