The Pine Street Players at Christ Church ask a $200 production fee of each performer who participates in a Fall or Spring Musical.
This helps to defer the cost of licensing rights, costumes, scenery, props, lighting, sound,  live musicians, and miscellaneous behind-the-scenes elements.

On average, our musicals cost $449.32 per performer.
our production fee is less than half of that amount.

If you have any questions regarding financials, please do not hesitate to contact our producer James DuPrie:


It is our wish to never turn away an aspiring performer due to an inability to pay a production fee. No young performer should ever be told that he or she
cannot afford to express his or herself artistically, and we as a society cannot afford to go without creative, well-rounded, and empathetic youth.
PSP offers partial pay-what-you-can scholarships to performers who submit a one-page essay on the topic of theatre and its importance  in their lives;
our pay-what-you-can scholarship program allows us to bridge the gap between families who truly cannot afford to pay and those who require some assistance.



If you are interested in helping to support us in our mission, please consider
sponsoring a performer, purchasing an advertisement in our playbill, or making a tax-deductible donation.
For further information on supporting PSP, please email us at!