Our summer theatre workshops are ideal for young performers interested in a fast-paced, supportive, and creative environment lead by experienced theatre professionals and educators. Providing an opportunity to build upon the skills and confidence necessary for success in mainstage productions, our leveled curriculum offers performers training appropriate to their age and ability. In addition to rehearsing a musical to be presented at the culmination of their session, performers will take classes intended to expand their skills. Participants will leave Summer Session with improved skills in acting, singing, and dancing, a better understanding of the audition and rehearsal process, and the kind of confidence that comes from socializing with like-minded friends while working together to create something to be proud of!

workshops are held for two-week sessions: monday-friday / 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.
performances take place at 3:00 pm on the final friday of each session.*

rainbow fishhh.jpg

session 1

July 8 - 19
Rising 1st - 3rd Graders

Everybody loves this international bestseller and award-winning book with its wonderful message of friendship and belonging, and PSP is bringing the magical, colorful world of The Rainbow Fish to life on the stage! This musical features a variety of charming sea creatures who admire the famous Rainbow Fish, the most beautiful fish in the ocean. When he refuses to share his vibrant, shimmering scales, the whole ocean seems to turn against him. Unhappy that no one admires him anymore, the Rainbow Fish seeks out the wise Octopus, who helps him learn it’s far better to be admired for being kind than for being beautiful. With a bubbly, energetic score, the universal message at the heart of this delightful musical becomes much more than just a simple children’s story.

Showcase: Friday, July 19 / 3:00 PM

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session 2

July 29 - august 9
Rising 4th - 6th Graders

Performers and audience member alike will love this action-packed spoof on the comic book genre! Stanley, a janitor at Wonder Comics, anxiously awaits the day that his boss will see his drawings and give him the chance to have his superheroes come to life on the printed page. In an effort to revive his faltering company, Stanley’s boss has ordered a set of magical pens guaranteed to bring life to any character drawn. When plans go awry and the staff of artists unwittingly creates a dreaded super-villain called Dr. Shock Clock, it is up to Stanley to save the day with his own superheroes: the charismatic but egotistical Star Guy, speedy Triple-Time, environmentally-friendly Blossom, and cranky little Wombat Woman! The heroes battle villains and their henchmen, only to be saved in the end by the greatest superhero of them all: Eraser Man!

Showcase: Friday, August 9 / 3:00 PM

Rock of Ages HS.jpeg

SEssion 3

August 12 - 23 & 24
Rising 7th graders - grads*

It’s the end of the 1980s, and the party has been raging hard. Amidst the madness of legendary rocker Stacee Jaxx’s farewell performance, aspiring rockstar Drew longs to take the stage as the next big thing - and also longs for Sherri, a small-town girl with stars in her eyes. When developers sweep in to turn one of the last legendary venues into another capitalist strip mall, rockers and groupies alike must band together to save their club before it’s too late. Rock of Ages takes us back to the times of big stars, big egos, and even bigger hair! This Tony-nominated jukebox musical features hits from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovie, Whitesnake, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, and more.

Friday, August 23 / 3:00 PM & Saturday, August 24 / 7:00 PM

* If a high school graduate wishes to participate in PSP programming, he or she must a) be 18 years of age or younger at the beginning of the season (June 1st), and b) have not begun attending higher education of any kind.

Summer Session & Summer Intensive REgistration:

December 1 - Open to PSP Members // january 1 - Open to general public