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LADAHLORD - Breanne Daley
JAMES - Aaron Faria
SPIKER - Elsa Bishop
SPONGE - Alice Rourke
GRASSHOPPER - Nicholas Meyers
LADYBUG - Alexa Zaimes
CENTIPEDE - Emma Mohns
SPIDER - Penelope Schaffer
EARTHWORM - Carson Curtis
MATRON NURSE, and others - Meara Simon
MR. TROTTER, and others - Shannon Gerety
MRS. TROTTER, and others - Annika Jumper
KARL KREATOUR, and others - Holden King-Farbstein
GRASSHOPPER PUPPETEER, and others - Olivia Fournier
LADYBUG PUPPETEER, and others - Charlotte Durham
CENTIPEDE PUPPETEER, and others - Lana Ruffner
SPIDER PUPPETEER, and others - Susanna Sloss
EARTHWORM PUPPETEER, and others - Kaelyn Cooper
BILLY BOBBY-COP, and others - Gus Rourke
BOBBY BOBBY-COP and others .- Preston Trubiano
DOREEN DRIGGLES, and others - Lily Pelletier
VIOLET FUNKSCHMELLER, and others - Amelia O’Donnell
RIDGLEY RAPSCALLION, and others - Caroline Powley
CHRIS CRYERMOUTH, and others - Maeve Paige
IDA WALTERS, and others - Amalia Gloss
BITSY BOTANA, and others - Chloe Vercauteren
BUZZ, and others - Evan Couture
LUCILLE VAN KOOGLESTEIN, and others - Faith Diaz
BUNNY MACKENZIE III, and others - Megan Oliveira
JAKE, and others - Joshua Hart
JOE, and others - William Hart
Sadie Currier, Kiki Fahey, Sophie Goodes, Fiona Keenan,
Amber Orleans, Emily Pettinato, and Chloe Richards
PASSERSBY, and others - Maggie Dobra, Nev Haugh & Elsie Kumph
OOMPA-LOOMPAS, and others - Amelia Faria & Mae Rourke
ENSEMBLE - Ainsley Davidson, Willa Furbush, Charlotte Gorski, Emily Houde, Willa Kissell,
Bella McCarty, Colette Provost, Emma Sabin


LADAHLORD - Mia Kimball
JAMES - Sara Anderson
SPIKER - Chloe Couture
SPONGE - Emma Wheeler
GRASSHOPPER - Anthony Theos
LADYBUG - Polly Vaillant
CENTIPEDE - Kathryn Day
SPIDER - Meghan Croteau
EARTHWORM - Nicholas Castillo
MATRON NURSE, and others - Lily Meyers
MR. TROTTER, and others - Geoffrey Meadville
MRS. TROTTER, and others - Ella Bucknam
KARL KREATOUR, and others - Fin Slavitz-Merrill
GRASSHOPPER PUPPETEER, and others - Madeleine Paige
LADYBUG PUPPETEER, and others - Annie Gorman
CENTIPEDE PUPPETEER, and others - Regan Earwood
SPIDER PUPPETEER, and others - Esme King-Farbstein
EARTHWORM PUPPETEER, and others - Nathan McTague
BILLY BOBBY-COP, and others - Timmy Ryan
BOBBY BOBBY-COP and others .- Camille Webber
DOREEN DRIGGLES, and others - Eva Samborn
VIOLET FUNKSCHMELLER, and others - Caterina Durham
RIDGLEY RAPSCALLION, and others - Ella Slos
CHRIS CRYERMOUTH, and others - Christine Staller
IDA WALTERS, and others - Madeline Cooper
BITSY BOTANA, and others - Madison Gakopoulos
BUZZ, and others - Sydney Casey
LUCILLE VAN KOOGLESTEIN, and others - Megan McFadden
BUNNY MACKENZIE III, and others - Sophia Hutcheson
JAKE, and others - Max Sanborn
JOE, and others - Alex Pelletier
Regan Earwood, Kelly O’Brien, Madeleine Paige, and Megan Story
PASSERSBY, and others - Shayna Dollen, India Siecke, Annabeth Wheeler
OOMPA-LOOMPAS, and others - Delia Reyes & Roman Sckaal
ENSEMBLE - Ava Garrity, Elly Gulick, Quinn Stevens