AUGUST 25 & 26, 2017

Considered by many to be a perfect musical, Guys & Dolls is a romantic comedy set in New York City. It follows the gambler Nathan Detroit as he tries to find the cash to set up the biggest craps-game in town while the authorities breathe down his neck. Meanwhile, his fiancé Adelaide laments over having been engaged for fourteen years! In an attempt to earn some quick money, Nathan bets fellow gambler Sky Masterson that he can’t romance the straight-laced missionary Sarah Brown. With a brassy, immortal score by Frank Loesser (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), this crowd-pleasing show travels from the heart of Times Square to the cafés of Havana, and even to the sewers under New York City, but eventually, everyone ends up right where they belong.



Performers seeking a featured role will be asked to perform the monologue associated with the role of their choice, as listed in the character breakdown. Monologues need not be memorized, although that is always a plus.


Performers seeking a featured role are strongly encouraged to perform the song associated with the role of their choice, as listed in the character breakdown (an accompanist will be provided). If younger or less experienced performers would feel more comfortable singing a song of their own choosing, that is of course permitted. Songs need not be memorized, although that is always a plus (cuts are noted in the sheet music; they may not be visible on a mobile device).


All performers will be taught a short dance sequence to be evaluated by the choreographer and production team. Please be sure to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for movement.


Please bring a completed form with you to your audition; hard copies will be available at check-in should you forget!



Sky Masterson

Cool and charismatic with a laid-back charm, Sky naturally commands the attention and respect of those around him, and is familiar with attracting the company of dolls; he falls in love with Sarah, the one woman who brushes off his advances, and surprises himself by trading in his freewheeling lifestyle for a conventional romance. (MALE - Audition Song: "Luck, Be a Lady" / Callback Song: "My Time of Day" / Monologue: Sky)


A good-hearted schemer and craps-game organizer who could never hit the big-time, Nathan is a lovable rogue searching for the break he can never seem to get; comedically frustrated and bordering on neurotic, he is madly in love with his fiance Adelaide but cannot leave his gambling ways behind. (MALE -  Audition Song: "Guys and Dolls"Callback Song: "Sue Me"Monologue: Nathan)

Sarah Brown

Conventional, respectable and principled, Sarah fully believes in the worthy cause of converting gambling sinners to saints; initially a little too buttoned-up for her own good, she eventually lets go when she unexpectedly falls in love with Sky, allowing her straight-laced persona to slip as her head learns to follow her heart. (FEMALE - Audition Song: "I'll Know"Callback Song: "If I Were a Bell" / Monologue: Sarah)

Miss Adelaide

Nathan's fiance and the lead performer at the Hot Box nightclub, the outspoken and stubborn Adelaide loves Nathan more than anything in the world; she desperately wants to be married to Nathan, but is driven crazy by his antics. This character is traditionally played with an affected, nasal character voice. (FEMALE - Audition Song: "Adelaide's Lament"Callback Song: "Sue Me"Monologue: Adelaide)

Nicely-Nicely Johnson

As his name suggests, Nicely is the cheeriest of the gamblers; high-spirited and a bit naive, though sincere and genuine, Nicely is Nathan's loyal friend and lackey. (MALE - Audition Song: "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat"Callback Song: "Guys and Dolls" / Monologue: Nathan)


(MALE or FEMALE PLAYING MALE - Audition Song: "Guys and Dolls"Monologue: Sky or Nathan)

  • BENNY SOUTHSTREET - Nathan's right-hand man, a smart and slick gangster who keeps what he thinks are Nathan's best interests at heart.

  • HARRY THE HORSE - A tough-guy crook will dollar signs as his bottom line, who serves as the mouthpiece for Big Jule.

  • BIG JULE - An oafish but tough gambler from Chicago who uses rigged dice to bully his way into never losing.


Arvida Abernathy

Wise but sweet, Arvida is Sarah's loving grandmother who wants nothing but the best for her. (FEMALE - Audition Song: "More I Cannot Wish You"Monologue: Sarah)

Hot Box Girls

Adelaide's giggly and girlish pals who make up the chorus line at the Hot Box nightclub; this featured ensemble will most likely consist of our strongest dancers. (FEMALE - Audition Song: "Bushel and a Peck"Monologue: Adelaide)

The Mission Band

Sarah's upright and strident gang who support her work at the Mission; this featured ensemble will most likely consist of our strongest singers. (MALE or FEMALE -  Audition Song: "Follow the Fold"Monologue: Sarah)


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