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Based on Louisa May Alcott's novelization of her life, LITTLE WOMEN has been praised by critics for its ambition in successfully adapting such a beloved story for the stage. The timeless, captivating tale follows the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March as they grow up in the midst of the Civil War. Jo is a writer intent on selling her stories for publication, but no one is interested - that is, until she receives the advice that she would do better to write more of her own experiences. Filled with personal discovery, the heartache of loss, and the hope of everlasting love, this musical embodies a complete theatrical experience, boasting a powerful score that soars with the sound of young American women finding their voice. 

PRODUCTION Fee - $225.00



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ACTING - Performers are asked to prepare the monologue listed by their preferred character on the Character Description list below. Monologues must be memorized.

VOCALS - Performers should prepare a song in the style of but not necessarily from Little Women. It is strongly encouraged if not required to choose a song from the musical theatre canon (a showtune from a Broadway musical) rather than a pop song. We do not need to hear the song in its entirety; roughly 30-60 seconds will suffice. Performers should bring sheet music for the accompanying pianist, marked where they would like the accompanist to begin and end. Singing along with recordings on phones, tablets, etc. is not permitted.

HEADSHOT & RESUME - Performers are asked to bring a recent headshot and resume.


JOSEPHINE “JO” MARCH is our story’s protagonist and the second-oldest of the March sisters. Jo is a writer with a temper and a quick tongue, although she works hard to control both. She is a tomboy, and reacts with impatience to the many limitations placed on women. Wanting nothing more than to hold her family together, she is slow to warm to romance. (Gender: Female  / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

MEG MARCH is the world-weary yet hopeful oldest March sister. Responsible and kind, Meg mothers her younger sisters. She yearns for a great life and has a small weakness for luxuries, but for the most part is gentle, loving, and morally vigorous. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

BETH MARCH is the quiet and virtuous second-youngest March sister, who tragically dies of Scarlet Fever. She is a peace-making optimist who always encourages her sisters to dream. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

AMY MARCH is the youngest and most energetic of the March sisters. She has a rather pompous air about her, given to pouting and small tantrums, but does attempt to improve herself as she matures. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

MARMEE MARCH is the girls’ mother, a strong backbone of the family who is courageous in spite of the difficult odds she faces. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

THEODORE “LAURIE” LAURENCE is the wealthy and bright-eyed boy next door who becomes endeared to the March women. He initially falls in love with Jo but is rebuffed, and marries Amy. (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: TBD/ Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

JOHN BROOKE is Laurie’s tutor, a rather stiff man who shows very little emotion, which later changes when he marries Meg. (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: TBD/ Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

FRIEDRICH BHAER is a professor from Germany who exemplifies proper manners. He is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk’s boarding house, eventually falling in love with Jo. (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

AUNT MARCH is the girls’ overbearing and formidable great-aunt, who just happens to be the richest socialite in town. Although crotchety and difficult, she loves the girls and wants what is best for them. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

MR. LAURENCE is Laurie’s grandfather, stern and intimidating until Beth wins him over. (Gender: Male / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

is the whirlwind of a woman who runs the New York boarding house where Jo meets Professor Bhaer. (Gender: Female / Vocal Range: TBD / Monologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

The heroes, villains, and other colorful characters that inhabit Jo’s stories. (Gender: Male & Female / Vocal Range: variedMonologue: TBD / Callback Song: TBD)

We will also be casting an ENSEMBLE CHORUS.